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The LIVA blog stream

12th Feb, 2018

Using digital interventions to improve heart health

It’s National Heart Month in the UK, and Kristoffer From, CEO and co-founder of Liva Healthcare, explains the role that digital health can play in managing chronic heart disease

February is National Heart Month in the UK. For this, the British Heart Foundation promotes making small changes towards a healthier lifestyle. Around seven million people live with cardiovascular disease in the UK. However, despite the high prevalence of cardiovascular diseases in the UK, the good news is that 80% of premature heart disease, stroke and diabetes can be prevented. So how can we do this?

Digital health solutions

During the digital transformation age, health technology has taken off. Over the last few years, digital tools have been developed to assist patients in dealing with conditions such as heart disease.

One treatment for cardiovascular diseases is for patients to undergo lifestyle changes. These changes include regular exercise and stopping smoking. Often it is small changes to daily routines that can make a big difference to a person’s health and, in the long term, save a life. Digital innovations are helping patients make these changes and stay on track. Through digital health interventions, such as apps, health professionals can monitor their patients remotely and create a personalised intervention to help them change their lifestyle and improve their heart health. Health professionals can for example monitor their patients exercise and smoking levels, food and water intake and sleeping patterns.

At Liva, our digital health platform does just this and has proved effective in tackling lifestyle diseases. We have had promising results on the use of digital interventions to help with weight loss – one form of treatment for those with, or at risk of, chronic heart disease. For example, we monitored the progress of 136 patients using our app. Over the period, 82% of the patients lost weight, losing an average of 6.3kg, demonstrating signs of a successful lifestyle intervention. Encouragingly these patients appear to be losing more weight, and faster, than previous studies with digital health interventions have shown.

Given the large-scale problem of heart disease, and the cost to our national health service, digital interventions, such as Liva, are a valuable tool for the health service in order to cut costs and scale up treatment with more patients attended to remotely. If you would like more information on the Liva platform and how this could help your business, a colleague, or yourself, please get in touch