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Liva Diabetes is a digital behaviour change programme providing tailored health plans, digital coaching, goal tracking evidence-based curriculums to support people living with type 2 diabetes

All guidance takes place on the user-friendly Liva app

“You will recieve weekly digital coaching through videos and texts in the app. Through our programme you will recieve inspirational recipes, nutrition advice, exercise routines, and more, all based on your personal needs and the progress you’re making.

Along side out health programme, you can get access to groupd of people on the same programme as you, where you can share experiences and get inspired by each other. “

What Do I Get Through Liva Diabetes?

In a live video session with your coach, you will get to know each other, set realistic goals and build a customised lifestyle plan together

You’ll receive weekly, personalised feedback through videos and texts on the app based on your personal needs and goals

Track your personal development through the app - you can always follow your goals and the progress you’re making

Can give you inspiration for recipes, personalised nutrition and exercise advice to help you achieve your individual goals

Even better, you won’t be alone. Alongside personal coaching, you will be paired with a group of people on the same journey, where you can share tips and tricks and get inspired by each other

You are eligible to Liva Diabetes if you…

  • Live in Germany
  • Have type 2 diabetes (HbA1c equal/above 48 mmol/mol)
  • Have a smartphone
  • Are referred by a GP or a specialist

Liva Diabetes from the DiGA is free of charge for you if you are eligible. See how to start below.

How To Start Liva Diabetes
– Three Steps to the App

Get a type 2 diabetes diagnosis and a prescription for Liva Diabetes from your doctor

Send prescription to your health insurance company and receive a code

Download Liva Diabetes from the Apple App Store or Google Play and enter the code


Contact us at
or +49 0000000 if you have any questions.