driving healthcare delivery efficiency

A study demonstrates the positive return on investment of Liva Healthcare, highlighting its ability to prevent the progression of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes.

An unmanaged patient with diabetes is expensive. Both for the public healthcare system and for private insurers.

In a recent cost-effectiveness study into the cost-effectiveness of the Liva platform, the Copenhagen based independent research institution “Institute of Applied Economics and Health Research, ApEHR” concludes, that there is an attractive return on investment (ROI) of managing diabetes patients digitally through online lifestyle coaching.

Analysing the first diabetes patients using Liva for more than three months, the study observed a significant weight reduction of an average of 3.9 kg for diabetes patients (corresponding to -3.5% of bodyweight and -1.3 BMI change).

Based on a model using literature estimates of the association between weight reduction and decreased societal costs among diabetes patients, Liva was estimated to be cost effective in a municipal setting already after the first year of implementation.

Write to info@livahealthcare.com to obtain a copy of the ApEHR article. 


ApEHR: E-health Life Style Coaching targeted diabetes patients in a municipal setting – An Observational Pilot Study of LIVA in 8 Danish municipalities. (In writing for publication)