Empowering patients: modernising the treatment of Type 2 diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most prevalent global conditions, costing over £1 trillion annually to treat. Around one in 11 adults worldxwide now has diabetes with around 90% having Type 2. This report explores whether digital healthcare can play a part in the treatment of this global health crisis.

Based on original research from Liva Healthcare, ‘Empowering patients: modernising the treatment of Type 2 diabetes’ reveals the challenges Type 2 diabetics and healthcare professionals face when managing and treating this condition. It also looks at their preferences for future treatment and uncovers significant demand to move away from medication.


Key findings

Type 2 diabetics

– Almost half (46%) of Type 2 diabetics have hidden their condition from family, work or friends

– Eating healthily was identified as the biggest concern for Type 2 diabetes (65%)

– A quarter (24%) are worried about passing on bad habits to their children

– Almost two-thirds (63%) are stressed and worried about their health


Healthcare professionals

– 71% of healthcare professionals believe the NHS can only financially cope with Type 2 diabetes for 10 years at most

– Over half (54%) of healthcare professionals would prefer to help Type 2 diabetes patients lose weight or get fit than prescribe medication

– 81% of patients would prefer to use lifestyle changes rather than medication to manage their condition


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