LIVA in rapid global growth

Liva Healthcare has opened offices in London as a base for its ongoing ambitious international expansion.

After a succesful introduction into the Danish market in 2015, and winning the tender for NHS England’s ambitious diabetes prevention programme , the Danish-British HealthTech company now takes on the rest of the world.

– There is a huge and growing market for personalised coaching of people with lifestyle diseases, and we’re ready both financially and organisationally to expand internationally at an agressive speed, said Kristoffer From, the CEO and co-founder of Liva Healthcare.

Danish public health authorities, many  insurance companies and NHS England have successfully implemented the LIVA Platform giving patients a personal coach in their pocket.

– The secret behind our success in driving both clinical outcomes and efficiency gains in healthcare delivery for providers lies in the digitally assisted personal relation between coach and patient. It’s not our ambition to replace health professionals by algorithms and artificial intelligence but use those technologies to support and enhance the personal relationship between health professional and patient, said Kristoffer From.

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