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– 4 week personal health coaching + 2 sensors
– £135 per 4 weeks (£4.82 per day)

A month-to-month, low-commitment option to work with your health coach to establish where to start in your personal health journey. Connect with others in the Liva app, start to build your knowledge on diabetes, understand your blood sugars and make small changes over time.

New Habits

– 12 week personal health coaching + 6 sensors
– £120 per 4 weeks (£4.25 per day)

Learn from behaviour-change experts to lay your foundations. Work with your health coach to create a plan by looking at your current health & wellbeing, and what action you’re ready to take. Set your goals in the Liva app. Connect with your private group for community support, sharing ideas and celebrating your milestones.


– 24 week personal health coaching + 12 sensors
– £110 per 4 weeks (£3.93 per day)

Building upon the groundwork set out in the first twelve weeks, you’re likely to start to see results. Track your health and habits to visualise your progress in the Liva app.


– 48 week personal health coaching + 24 sensors
– £100 per 4 weeks (£3.57 per day)

Reinforce your health habits and see the results of the lifestyle changes you’ve made. See your blood sugars change over time. Your journey of self-discovery continues with your health coach, building in more tools to figure out how to make the changes that work for your life in the long-term.