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Create strong adherence and achieve better outcomes by combining medicine with lifestyle interventions

Personalised healthcareCombining medicine with lifestyle support

Our digital programmes and cutting-edge technology support pharma companies effectively combine medicine with lifestyle support.

Increase Adherence & Retention

Combining the digital Liva programmes with medication increases adherence and retention, providing patient support corresponding to medication prescribed by their doctor.

Sustainable outcomes

Combining the digital Liva programmes with medication increases outcomes – due to increased medication adherence and direct results of sustainable lifestyle changes.


Many medications require a positive change in patient behaviour to generate the desired health outcome. This is what we do at Liva – empower patients to adapt healthy, sustainable habits and take control of their own health.

Data collection & real-world evidence

Through Liva’s technology we help pharma companies and partners engage with patients while simultaneously collecting vital data points supporting real-world evidence and outcome based reports.

Patient support programmes

Liva is not just another marketing- based patient support programme. When using Liva as a patient support programme, it is about combining truly personalised lifestyle support, delivered with empathetic connections, and through industry leading technology, with necessary medication for a multitude of conditions.

Medication tracking

Liva’s technology not only enables patients to manage and structure their own medication consumption – it also allows pharma companies to better understand how medication is consumed and how this consumption combined with lifestyle activity drives outcome.

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