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The Liva App

What do I get?

  • Your own personal health coach
  • A lifestyle plan tailored to you and your goals
  • Ongoing guidance through videos and texts
  • Track your personal development towards your goals
  • Recipes, nutrition advice, exercise routines, and more, tailored to your needs
  • Access to a group of people on the same journey, where you can share experiences and get inspired by each other.

Meet our members

“I was gaining weight every month. As much as I tried on my own to lose weight, I was gaining weight. I’ve achieved what I feel are very good results. I’ve lost 4 stone, 56 pounds in 6 months. By losing the weight, I’m more confident, I’m fitter, I’m more agile, and I will continue using it.”

Liva member

“I started using the Liva programme end of January 2021. It was a recommendation from my doctor. So, using the Liva programme, I’ve reduced my weight by 3 stone. I’ve reduced my Hba1c level from 49 to 34 mmol/mol. My coach tells me, that’s amazing.”

Liva member

“Since I’ve started on the Liva programme, my blood sugar levels have come down from 108 to 56 mg/dL and I’ve managed to lose 5kg in weight. I feel more energized, more active and more full of life. The Liva app is brilliant because it is easy to access. It is all done through my mobile phone, and it is easy to import my daily steps, daily intake of certain foods, drinks and exercise.“

Liva member

Download the Liva app and get started today!

Sign up for a programme by downloading the Liva app