The platform

LIVA is a next generation coaching platform for scalable lifestyle and disease management - selected by NHS England, AXA PPP Healthcare, pharma companies and many others.

The LIVA platform is facilitating ongoing individual coaching by real coaches via an intuitive app, building on a strong bond between coach and patient.

LIVA is available as a white-label SaaS platform, or as a turn-key solution including coaching services from health professionals according to client specifications. 

LIVA’s disease agnostic solution is based upon 9-18 months continuous engagement with the patient to make new habits and behaviours stick. Thus the solution stands out from other providers offering brief programmes of ofte only a few weeks or months, and frequently using algorithms or automated messages instead of real health professionals. 

Independent studies of the LIVA platform show a sustained weight loss of 5.4 kilos after 12 months, and 7 kilos after 20 months. 

Furthermore diabetic patients on the platform show a significant drop in blood sugar leves.

LIVA offers high-volume scalability with one coach managing 400-600 patients simultaneously via an effective dashboard allowing oversight of the entire patient population and access to fast video communication tools for reaching the less literate.

The platform is proven to work efficiently across all socio-economic backgrounds and is capable of engaging groups normally hard to reach.

The platform is fully multilingual across several languages.

Implementation time from get-go is normally within weeks. Training and certification of staff is included at no extra cost.

Client management has access to an "executive real-time dashboard" for tracking outcomes and staff efficiency across all relevant parameters, including ROI of the intervention investment.

For further information, please contact our Chief Commercial Officer Alex Ballantyne, at alex(a) 


- patient dashboard

- remote monitoring

- video or text consultations

- programme management

- workflow management

- content library


- remote one-to-one consultations

- self-monitoring

- disease management

- lifestyle management

- motivational tools

- peer-to-peer support community