Improving lives through digital health coaching

Scalable and personal health programmes for lifestyle and chronic disease management

Dynamic health programmes For multiple chronic conditions

The Liva digital behaviour change programmes consist of personal coaching, group-based interventions, tailored health plans, goal tracking and self-monitoring (manual or device integration) and fixed evidence-based curriculums personalised to support people at risk of, or living with, chronic conditions.


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The prevalence of pre-diabetes is increasing worldwide, and experts have projected that more than 470 million people will have pre-diabetes by 2030.


Using our evidence-based programme for patients with pre-diabetes, 65% of patients achieved reduced HbA1c levels and 40% are reverted to a non-pre-diabetic state after 6 months.



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Worldwide, 39% of adults aged 18+ are overweight and 13 % are obese. This number is rising and significantly higher in many geographies. The increased risk of lifestyle disease is directly correlated.


 The evidence-based Liva programme targeting obesity has helped more than 6000 people with weight loss, reducing the risk of lifestyle diseases sustainably. The average weight loss is 6 kg after 12 months.   



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According to WHO, the global prevalence of diabetes among adults over 18 years is 8.5%. The global cost of diabetes is $825 billion a year.


After 6 months on the Liva programme, 85% of patients with type 2 diabetes reduce their HbA1c levels, 35% are no longer diabetic and  the financial saving to society is vast.


heart disease

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Heart disease

Heart disease, also known as cardiovascular disease (CVD), is one of the leading causes of death worldwide.


The evidence-based Liva programme targeting heart disease is specifically designed to target the risk factors associated with this chronic condition.


Liva have already developed a significant portfolio of graduated patients who have minimised their risk of developing heart disease in the future, a portfolio which is growing on a daily basis.


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5% of deaths worldwide are caused by COPD.


The Liva COPD programme supports people in managing their condition, alerting health professionals to engage when required and thereby keeping patients’ safe.


Liva also offers evidence-based, effective smoking cessation programmes with over 60% of patients with a goal to stop smoking reducing their number of cigarettes per day significantly.


Mental health

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Mental health

25% of the global population is affected by mental or neurological disorders (such as anxiety, stress or depression) at some point during their lives.


Over 200 million people currently take medication to support their management of these conditions.


The Liva Mental Health programmes are designed to help people manage these conditions through personalised support from health professionals, structured daily routine programs and expert resources.



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Other conditions

The Liva programme can be used as a tool to help monitor many conditions where lifestyle support is beneficial.


The Liva programme have been successful with providing support for patients suffering with alcohol addiction, cancer, gestational diabetes.


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The Liva programme is specifically designed to take comorbidities of each condition into account.


41% of Liva patients have more than one condition to manage and Liva prides itself on supporting these effectively through its multi-disciplinary team of health professionals.


Health professionals can choose from several programmes targeting specific comorbities, allowing a truly personalised programme for each and every individual.    

We drive clinical outcomes

for public health authorities, private insurance companies and global pharma

The effective Liva digital health programmefor scalable and personal coaching

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Testimonials and Case StudiesClient feedback


Public healthcare

Private companies

Jan Hammer

Diabetic and Liva User

''If I should rate Liva, the solution gets 5 stars from me. There are two things in it: The first thing is the personal contact with my supervisor. It means a lot that you have your own personal Health Coach, whom you are regularly in contact with. The other thing is the app itself. It is very easy and effective to use.''

Tina Petersen

Diabetic and Liva User

''I have been overweight for many years. A year and a half ago, I started using Liva and during that time I have managed to lose 30kg and get rid of my diabetes medication. I have not previously managed to maintain my weight loss, but this time I succeeded because of the Liva programme and my personal Health Coach.''

Dorthe Hoeg

Department Manager at Nordfyns Municipality

''We have chosen to extend the contract with Liva Healthcare, because Liva's solution is completely in line with the way we think about health. We want to give our citizens the opportunity to have a healthier lifestyle, and we think that Liva's digital solution is a great tool to do so.''

Chris Tomkins

Founder & chief operating officer of Proactive Health at AXA PPP healthcare

''Any doctor would agree, that if we can get people to take charge of their lives - manage their weight, be more physically active, follow a healthy nutrition routine - there are benefits across the board health-wise. At AXA PPP, we are very conscious of putting the customer at the heart of what we do, and this programme really helps us do that.''

Sandie Lindblad

COO at Skandia Denmark

''The choice of Liva Healthcare as a partner fits in well with Skandia’s advisory values, where we want to digitize and in this way be available when the customer needs it, without us moving away from the customer and removing us from the personal advice.''

Our Mission

We drive outcomes Our results


reduced thier HbA1c after 6 months


of pre-diabetics reversed after 6 months


(12,5lb) average weight loss after 6 months


up to 500 patients handled annually per supervisor


saved annually per diabetic patient

AwardsGlobal recognition

Liva Healthcare is a prize winning health-tech company recognised with several global awards. When winning Health IT firm of the year, our solution was recognised for being “highly scalable, enabling a large continuum of patients to increase functionality and lifestyle performance”.

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November 26, 2019

Dansk Sundhedssikring and Liva Healthcare today announce a new partnership
Dansk Sundhedssikring and Liva Healthcare partner to help thousands of people prevent and manage chronic conditions  Danish health insurance company Dansk Sundhedssikring and Liva Healthcare today announce a new partnership which aims to help more than 100,000 Danish customers prevent and manage chronic conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure […]
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