about us

Liva Healthcare is a Copenhagen and London based health-tech company  behind an innovative platform connecting patients and health professionals digitally to drive behaviour and lifestyle change - and manage diseases and care plans. Apart from text and video consultation, the platform features patient tracking tools and online support groups. 

The platform is used by healthcare authorities, pharma and insurance companies to drive patient engagement, clinical outcomes and healthcare delivery efficiency with real-time data insight.

Liva Healthcare is founded by the serial entrepreneurs behind e-health successes such as NetDoctor.com, E-Doktor and SundhedsDoktor (Rune Bech, Carl Brandt and Kristoffer From).

The board is chaired by Carsten Koch (former minister of health in Denmark).

University of Southern Denmark (SDU) is conducting extensive scientific research into the operational efficiency and clinical outcomes of LIVA.

Liva Healthcare is based in an old warehouse in the Holmen canal area in Copenhagen, and in St. Kathrine's Wharf in London.

  • Kristoffer From

    Kristoffer From

    Co-founder & CEO

    Former co-founder and CEO of SundhedsDoktor A/S.

  • Rune Bech

    Rune Bech

    Co-founder & Director of Communications

    Board member. Former Digital Officer of TV 2 Denmark and Saxo Bank. Co-founder of NetDoctor.com, SlankeDoktor and SundhedsDoktor.

  • Carl Brandt

    Carl Brandt

    Co-founder & Medical Director

    Board member. Co-founder of NetDoctor.com, SlankeDoktor and SundhedsDoktor. Research fellow with University of Southern Denmark, SDU.

  • Carsten Koch

    Carsten Koch


    Former minister of health and CEO of Arbejderbevægelsens Erhvervsråd.

  • André Sode

    André Sode

    COO & CFO

    Former executive positions with Telia and Saxo Bank with a special focus on finance and digital innovation.

  • Alex Ballantyne

    Alex Ballantyne

    Chief Commercial Officer

    Former CEO of NetDoctor.com and Digital Director of Hearst Media.

  • Stig Jørgensen

    Stig Jørgensen


    Former IT executive in Endomondo, Unwire, Pertura og ScalePoint.

  • Peter Laursen

    Peter Laursen

    Nordic Account Director

    Former VP Sales (public sales) of KMD.

  • Lisa Bolting

    Lisa Bolting

    Head of Implementation

    Former leading positions with SlankeDoktor, Aller Media and Skandia. Former chairmen of the Danish Association of Clinical Dieticians.

  • Camilla Sortsø

    Camilla Sortsø

    Head of Science and Research

    Ph.d. in health economics from University of Southern Denmark (SDU). Former work with "Danish Centre for Strategic Research in Type 2 Diabetes" and ApEHR, Institute of Applied Economics and Health Research.

  • Jeremy Cummin

    Jeremy Cummin

    Business Development Advisor

    Executive Chairman for DHealth. Founder and Executive Chairman of Telehealth Solutions Limited.

  • Damien Marmion

    Damien Marmion

    Business Development Advisor

    Former Chief Executive (Global Health) for AXA. Former Managing Director for BUPA (UK Insurance).