Liva appoints new CEO to supercharge global growth

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, October 12, 2022

Liva Health, one of Europe’s leading evidence-based digital health coaching providers, is pleased to announce the appointment of Shahram Sharif as its new group CEO.

Sharif will focus on Liva Health’s ambition of scaling up its digital services of tackling chronic conditions through digital tools that deliver significant clinical outcomes, affordably at scale.

Liva Health’s co-founder and chairman Rune Bech said:

“This appointment will supercharge the global growth of Liva Health as a leader of scalable personalised digital health coaching to people with chronic lifestyle related conditions like Type 2 diabetes, obesity or cardiovascular disease”.

On joining the team, Shahram Sharif commented:

“I’m very excited to join Liva Health to further strengthen the company’s strong position across Europe and beyond. Over the past five years Liva Health has established successful relationships with public health, life science, insurance and retail partners including major players like NHS England, Novo Nordisk, AXA and Abbott Diabetes Care. I truly believe Liva Health has a massive potential for further growth, and I’m committed to ensuring we reach as many people as possible with chronic lifestyle related conditions and improve their health outcomes”.

Sharif has more than a decade of experience innovating healthcare through digital solutions. He is the founder and former CEO of digital health startups LindaCare and AmWell, who has delivered tech enabled healthcare services including remote patient monitoring of chronic conditions and personalised reporting on the impact of lifestyle choices, across Europe and US.

He is a highly respected advisor to, and advocate of, health technology companies. His positions on the board of European Health Telematics Association Board (EHTEL) and Agoria Healthcare Technology Board see him bringing together major stakeholders to improve healthcare delivery through digital health solutions across Europe.

Most recently Sharif has led market expansion and growth as Chief Business Officer of Huma Therapeutics, a global digital health company enabling home treatment of chronic conditions and remote patient monitoring to power large scale decentralised clinical trials.

Sharif joins Liva Health on October 17th, while primarily based in the London office, he will also work across Copenhagen, Berlin and future offices as he will lead the opening of new Liva offices and operations in France and Benelux.

About Liva Health

Liva Health was created to lead the adoption of digital health tools that drive significant clinical outcomes affordably at scale. Our mission is to prevent, manage and treat chronic conditions by deploying a hybrid tech-enabled care model, enabling people to make sustainable lifestyle changes through the support of personal, empathetic, digital and human health coaching.

Our teams out of offices in London, Copenhagen and Berlin help our partners across Europe and Asia-Pacific to empower people change lifestyle to avoid chronic conditions like Type 2 diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.

The combination of robust clinical data and evidence, and a deep understanding of our members thoughts, feelings and behaviours has resulted in Liva Health becoming the partner of choice for public health, life science and health retailers alike. We’re striving to change the way chronic conditions are treated.


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