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The NHS Digital Weight Management Programme

The NHS Digital Weight Management Programme, or DWMP, is a 12-week, evidence-based healthy lifestyle change service available to all those living with obesity who also have a diagnosis of diabetes, hypertension or both.

The programme will help you make positive lifestyle changes, manage your weight and improve your long-term health.

You’ll receive personalised support to manage your weight, eat more healthily and be more physically active – which together have been proven to reduce a person’s risk of developing long-term health conditions, or help manage them.

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Digital one-to-one support

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Specialist and personalised healthy lifestyle support from a health coach over 12 weeks, available via your smartphone or tablet with Liva’s app.

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Access the service conveniently through your smartphone, you’ll have support in your pocket. No need to travel or arrange follow-up appointments.

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Monitor and track your personal health goals in the Liva app, receive psychological, lifestyle and nutritional advice, and connect with a closed community of other people on the same journey as you, to help you gain confidence and keep up positive lifestyle changes long term.

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Connect with a health coach of your choice, with multiple languages spoken to ensure everyone is catered for.

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Get started

Tell us a little more about yourself and your health and well-being through the one-to-one video consultation with your health coach. They will help you prepare for the journey ahead and come up with an action plan to help you achieve your goals over 12 weeks

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Get focused

The first 6 weeks of the programme focuses on understanding your health and wellbeing and how lifestyle can have an effect. You’ll work towards your action plan with support from your health coach through weekly in-app check-ins (all via video message and text) and community group chat.


For the remainder of the programme you will continue to build confidence in maintaining your new, healthy choices. You will continue to track and monitor your progress on the Liva app, even after the programme ends. 

How to join the programme

Step 1
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Speak to your GP

Ask your GP to refer you to the NHS Digital Weight Management Programme

Step 2
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Await your SMS invite

After your referral, you will receive a text message within two working days from ‘NHS WMP’. The text message contains a link to a website.

Step 3
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Complete your info

Click on the link to the website to confirm your date of birth, ethnicity, and some other information to get started.

Step 4
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Choose your option

Read about the different 12-week weight management plans on offer to help you. Choose the plan you think will work best for you. You have six weeks to choose your plan before your referral is sent back to your GP.

Step 5
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Get started

If you choose Liva, we will contact you within five working days to invite you to download the Liva app and book an initial video consultation to get started on your 12-week programme.

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Eligibility criteria

People aged 18 or over

Have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more (adjusted to ≥27.5 for people from black, Asian and ethnic minority backgrounds)

Have a diagnosis of diabetes (type 1 or type 2), hypertension or both

Have a smartphone or tablet

People who are not pregnant

No active eating disorder diagnosis

Has not had bariatric surgery in the last two years

People who are not at a higher risk of harm than benefit from participating in a weight management programme

Those who are motivated to change their lifestyle and can commit to the 12-week programme

Registered at a GP practice in England

Find more information about the programme on the NHS website: