Liva Health agrees exclusive rights to SMASH’s innovative offer platform and app

At Liva Health we’re dedicated to evolving the way we approach chronic diseases through safe, sustainable lifestyle changes delivered by digital health coaching. SMASH (Save Money And Stay Healthy) is tackling obesity by helping young people develop a better relationship with food through education and access to better-for-you food and drink options.

We both understand that people need credible, evidence-based tools and support, alongside accurate information to overcome the chronic lifestyle diseases ever prevalent in our society. For this reason, Liva Health is delighted to have agreed exclusive rights to operate and promote SMASH’s innovative platform and app.

We are committed to continuing SMASH’s mission of encouraging young people to eat healthily, especially in underserved communities. Combining our research and members gives us greater visibility into people’s lifestyle choices, enabling us to become the only company who understands the entire lifecycle for at risk, pre diabetic and type 2 diabetes patients from pregnancy through adulthood.

Chris Holmes, the founder of SMASH commented

“The team at Liva Health truly understand the need to improve today’s food environment to help put healthier options centre stage, ensuring they are both the easiest option and also a genuine option financially for millions of households across the UK and beyond. With the current cost of living crisis, it is likely that we will see a gravitational pull to less nutritious and cheaper foods. As such I’m really excited to announce this partnership, which will see SMASH’s mission to help people live healthier lives continue apace and place a real tool to deliver educational support and savings on healthier food to those groups who need support the most – from Gen Z through to those groups supported by Liva Health’s NHS programmes.”

Sarah Beeby, UK Managing Director stated

“We are delighted to be partnering with SMASH, whose complementary vision, mission and technologies, enhance our ability to prevent chronic diseases and embed healthy lifestyles. We are excited about the benefits this brings to our NHS and retail partners, as well as extending the reach of SMASH to an older demographic and family solutions. We are thrilled to start working with some of the UK’s most popular eateries and introducing both SMASH’s partners and our current partners to our expanded offering.”

About Liva Health

Located in London, Copenhagen and Berlin, Liva Health delivers its industry-leading coaching programmes through an advanced app. The health tech company helps its partners across Europe and Asia-Pacific empower people to understand their relationships with food and exercise. Liva Health was created to lead the adoption of digital tools in Europe that drive significant clinical outcomes affordably at scale. The company is on a mission to prevent, manage and treat chronic diseases by equipping people to make sustainable lifestyle changes through the support of personal, empathetic, health coaching.

Liva Health’s digital health coaching has helped more than 35,000 members achieve sustainable lifestyle changes. The coaching app has been proven to drive substantial clinical outcomes within obesity, prediabetes and type 2 diabetes. The combination of robust clinical data and a deep understanding of our members thoughts, feelings and behaviours has resulted in Liva Health becoming the partner of choice for public health, life science and health retailers alike. The addition of SMASH offer platform and app will further strengthen our ability to understand and nudge behaviour to help people to live lives to their fullest potential.

About SMASH (SMASHco ltd)

Founded during lockdown 2020 by a team including Chris Holmes (ex Boots and KFC) and Paul Lindley (the founder of UK’s biggest baby food brand Ella’s Kitchen), SMASH (Save Money And Stay Healthy) is an app based offer platform that helps it’s users discover and afford better food options in restaurants, supermarkets and online. Completely free to everyone under the age of 25, SMASH achieved around 100,000 downloads during it’s first 6 months of operation and counts brands such as Leon, Tortilla, Yo Sushi, This!, MOMA and Simply Cook among it’s partners seeking to inspire people to live healthier lives.

SMASH was made possible through the support of mission led investors including Impact on Urban Health, and has also developed an industry leading nutrition framework to help determine better choices in the out of home sector. Following the transfer of the SMASH app and offer platform to Liva Heath, Liva Health will take responsibility for business development and marketing for SMASH app, whilst SMASHco ltd will continue to leverage its approach to nutrition to support key industry players, Impact on Urban Health and the Department of Health & Social Care to help make better choices the easiest choices across the food system.


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